jueves, 1 de octubre de 2009

Rick Astley - The Very Best Of Ultimate Collection

  • Never Gonna Give You Up
  • It Would Take A Strong Strong Man
  • Don't Say Goodbye
  • Hold Me In You Arms
  • Slipping Away
  • Whenever You Need Somebody
  • I Don't Want To Lose Her
  • No More Looking For Love
  • When I Fall In Love
  • Take Me To You Heart
  • She Wants To Dance With Me
  • My Arms Keep Missing You
  • Together Forever
  • Body And Soul
  • Cry for Help
  • Move Right Out
  • Never Knew Love
  • The Ones You Love
  • Holpelessly
  • Sleeping

Bonus Tracks
  • Never Gonna Give You Up (Escape Club Mix)
  • Don't Say Goodbye (Latin Rascal's Remix)
  • Whenever You Need Somevody (PWL Extended Mix)
  • Together Forever (House Of Love Mix)
  • When You Gonna Feat. Lisa Carter (Extended Version)
  • My Arms Keep Missing You (The No l Mix)
  • Take Me To Your Heart (Extended Version)
  • She Wants To Dance With Me (Extended Remix)
  • Cry For Help (Extended Mix)
  • Sleeping (Todd Terry Mix)
  • Megamix Hits

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